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Our Founder
and President
Nina Grayson


Pillar 1: Empowerment through Healing and Support
At Girls Can Do IT Too, Inc., our first pillar revolves around empowering girls and young women by offering a safe and nurturing environment that facilitates healing and support. We understand that many girls carry the burden of trauma, hindering their ability to reach their full potential. To address this, we provide:

1.1 Therapeutic Programs

We offer a range of evidence-based therapeutic programs tailored to the needs of each individual. These programs, led by licensed therapists and counselors, help girls address and overcome past traumas, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and build resilience.

1.2 Supportive Community

We create a strong community of mentors, peers, and supporters who are dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Through group therapy sessions, peer-led discussions, and mentorship programs, girls can connect with others who share similar experiences, thereby reducing isolation and promoting a sense of unity.

1.3 Trauma-Informed Care

Our organization operates under a trauma-informed care framework, ensuring that all our interactions and programs are sensitive to the unique needs of trauma survivors. This approach fosters an environment of trust, safety, and empowerment, allowing girls to heal and thrive.

Pillar 3: Amplifying Voices and Advocacy
The third pillar of Girls Can Do IT Too, Inc. focuses on amplifying girls' voices and advocating for their rights and opportunities. We believe that empowering girls extends beyond our immediate community and into society at large. To achieve this, we:

Pillar 2: Holistic Development and Education
The second pillar of our mission focuses on holistic development and education. We believe that every girl has the right to access opportunities that enable her to discover her passions and achieve her goals. To fulfill this vision, we provide:

3.1 Storytelling and Artistic Expression

We encourage girls to share their stories through creative outlets such as art, writing, and public speaking. By sharing their experiences, they not only find catharsis but also inspire others to speak out and break the silence around trauma.

3.2 Advocacy Initiatives 

We collaborate with local policymakers, educational institutions, and other organizations to advocate for policies that support the well-being and rights of girls and young women. Through grassroots efforts and strategic partnerships, we strive to create lasting systemic change.

3.3 Awareness Campaigns

We organize awareness campaigns to shed light on the issues faced by girls who have experienced trauma. Through workshops, seminars, and online campaigns, we aim to challenge stereotypes, reduce stigma, and foster a more supportive and inclusive society.

Girls Can Do It Too, Inc emerged from a deeply personal journey. Our establishment was inspired by the profound experiences that our founder, Nina Grayson, navigated and transcended. Having weathered numerous encounters with trauma, Nina's transformative passage through her own adversities culminated in the impetus to establish a haven for young women who presently require the same support she once did.


Nina, as our visionary leader, has dedicated herself to the establishment of a sanctuary tailored for young girls, giving rise to Girls Can Do IT Too, Inc. Her service in the United States Army as a Motor Transport Operator, including deployments to Afghanistan, marked a juncture where she confronted traumatic circumstances. This, however, was not the first time that Nina had encountered trauma; as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she channeled her resilience into advocacy for those who lack a voice.

Having triumphed over the aftermath of sexual abuse, Nina's mission is to provide a refuge for girls facing similar challenges. Girls Can Do IT Too, Inc stands as an integral pillar within the community, extending vital resources to our clients through strategic collaborations with community partners.

By aligning our mission with these three comprehensive pillars,

Girls Can Do IT Too, Inc. aspires to break the chains of trauma, empower girls, and provide them with the tools they need to flourish and reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

2.1 Educational Enrichment

We offer educational workshops, tutoring, and skill-building sessions to equip girls with the tools they need to excel academically and pursue their interests. By fostering a love for learning, we empower them to break through barriers and realize their potential.

2.2 Career Exploration

We organize events that introduce girls to various career paths in fields traditionally dominated by men. Through workshops, panels, and hands-on experiences, we aim to inspire girls to dream big and pursue careers that they are passionate about, irrespective of societal norms.

2.3 Leadership and Empowerment Training

Our organization provides leadership development programs that help girls build confidence, communication skills, and a strong sense of self. These skills are essential for navigating challenges, advocating for themselves, and becoming leaders in their communities.

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