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Our 2023 Honorees

Edwennia Moore

Mrs. Edwennia Moore is the proud owner of Trinity's Day Spa Pampering for Kids! Trinity's Day Spa was opened in November 2018; her mission is to make pampering affordable for children so every little girl can enjoy the luxury of being treated like a princess.


Since opening in 2018 she has added 4 locations within Florida and South Carolina, and those locations are inside of the big box giant Walmart; making Trinity's Day Spa Pampering for Kids the first business geared towards children inside of their stores.

Edwennia also has an annual Back to School Braid Bash event and over the last 3 years 150 girls have been able to have their hair braided and manicures for free! Mrs. Moore also holds the KidPrenuer Pop-Up Shop which highlights children business owners and their products.


"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."


Edwennia Moore

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Harlee Hutchinson.jpeg
Harlee Hutchinson

My name is Harlee Hutchinson. Most now know me as the Marketing & Events Coordinator at Gainesville Harley-Davidson, where I work with a different non-profit each month and plan events that will spread awareness, raise money, (and hopefully sell a bike or two.) I am also a young woman who experienced trauma from a young age, but every setback is what made me who I am today and gave me the fearlessness and determination that brought me this far. I have not yet acquired some of the amazing accomplishments that many of the honorees do, but I believe that my most remarkable accomplishments are those that happened during my hurting and healing.


I am still trying to figure out all the ways I will make an impact and gain a title, but I can say that I have:

Learned the importance of standing up for myself and what I believe in.


Understood that what happened to me does not define me!


Realized that I am the boss of me. I can create any kind of life I want.


Lent a hand, a hug, and a kind heart to other girls who had the weight of the world on their shoulders.


I am so honored to be recognized by Girls Can Do IT Too. Inside I will always be a little girl who decided she could do it despite all the bad, and I will continue to remind those who feel like it cannot be done that we are women, we are stronger than we know, and we


Nicole Miller

At age 32, Blossoming Butterfly's  Founder Nicole Miller, was diagnosed with stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (Triple Negative). Her heart dropped instantly. Her kids and family were the first to come to her mind. It seemed as though her life took a turn for the worse. She had seven months of chemo. After chemo was completed, she had six weeks of radiation therapy five days a week (Monday through Friday). Once Nicole's body began to change, she began to feel weak, helpless, and "ugly". 


While going through treatment, Nicole was blessed to meet and gain friendships with older women who experienced breast cancer. During her experience, she realized there were not many young women speaking of their journey. Through her journey, God has allowed her to influence and encourage others during their process. She has spoken at events sharing her story and uplifting others. 


The women who came into her life during her battle were very supportive (emotionally and financially). Her goal is to do the same through Blossoming Butterfly, Inc. Nicole aims to not only give encouragement for her sisters and brothers traveling along this uncertain journey, but also to educate, help prepare for the battle, and financially help those out of work due to breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer.

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Petra Pindar.jpeg
Petra Pindar

Petra Pindar is an author, entrepreneur, and faith influencer. She is often described as the “Friendship Expert” because of the way she supports, cultivates, and teaches the importance of friendship within strategic business growth. As an attorney and Conflict Resolution Specialist, she is committed to advocating for others and their voice. She is intentional in advocating for the growth needed to both affirm their self-image and support community building.


Petra is the President & CEO of Petra Pindar Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to help women merge their faith and wellness to have holistic health and growth in the areas of financial, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, relational, and work/life balance. The networking experiences and workshops facilitated by PP, Inc. energizes growth, confidence and reach for each woman. This is especially true of the Hey, Pretty! ® Conference, which is the signature event for Petra as the CEO of  PP, Inc. and allows women to connect organically, strategically, and intentionally in an environment cultivated for women who desire to lead.


As additional support for women in reaching their wellness goals PP, Inc. established the Be Well, Pretty! Wellness Grant to support women on their wellness journey. As an author, Petra self-published and released her first book entitled #FaithGoals in 2020 and the accompanying #FaithGoals Guided Journal in 2021, in addition to her sophomore book Hey, Pretty! in 2023. In both, Petra continues her commitment to teaching and encouraging women how to build relationships that support positive community growth through faith and strategy.


As a result, Petra is a well-sought-after speaker on the topics of leadership, relationships, team-building strategy, and elevated communication pathways. Petra is married to her husband, Robert, and the mother of three children. She resides in FL.

Shereka Nicole

Shereka Nicole, M.Ed. is the CEO and founder of Premier Moms who founded the organization based on the needs of other moms in her area and her own personal experiences as a married and single mom raising two kids in elementary school. She conducted more than a year’s worth of research before launching the organization.


Shereka Nicole has a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising with a concentration in Psychology from the University of Florida, a Master's in Education, and is in pursuit of her doctoral degree.


Shereka Nicole is a dynamic speaker, author, trainer, and community advocate with 20 years of experience working with children and families. She takes pride in helping others and empowering moms to put themselves first.

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